7th World Trails Conference

We are pleased to inform you of the celebration in Santiago de Compostela of the World Trails Conference. This international appointment of the World Trail Network, which will be the 7th, will bring to Galicia representatives of the itineraries of the five continents, thus enhancing the attraction capacity of the Camino de Santiago among the users of the said routes.

This international conference will have a significant projection for Galicia in general and Santiago de Compostela and its ways in particular, as speakers and congressmen from all five continents participate, representing various cultural, ecological and pilgrimage itineraries from all over the world. Its sessions will consist of various lectures and round tables, as well as specific meetings, a film festival and a small promotional fair, in which representatives of the different itineraries of the world that are part of the World Trails Network will participate.

Congress website: http://santiagoworldtrails2018.com/


Área de Cultura Xacobea S.A. de Xestión do Plan Xacobeo

Carretera Santiago – Noia Km 3 / A Barcia 15897 Santiago de Compostela